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Historically only about a third of us write Wills, so most peoples estates are disposed of according to the Rules of Intestacy which specify who gets what share of the assets. These rules do not always work in the way you might expect and can cause some complications for surviving spouses.

A professionally written Will, will give you peace of mind over the following:

  1. Appoint Executors who will administer your estate.
  2. Appoint Guardians to protect and nurture your children.
  3. Specify legacies or arrange a Memorandum of Wishes to gift mementoes.
  4. If you are a married couple or in a Civil Partnership consider whether you may need to use a discretionary trust in the Will to limit your Inheritance Tax Liability.
  5. If you are a married couple or in a Civil Partnership protect your half share of your family home for your children, but giving a life interest to your spouse or civil partner, ensuring it cannot be diverted to a local authority for Community Care charges, or to a subsequent spouse or civil partner.
  6. Protect your partner if you are unmarried and not in a Civil Partnership as they may otherwise have to claim against your estate. This can be expensive and distasteful, and easily overcome with a Will.
  7. Make provision for your family and for children of previous marriages or relationships overriding the Rules of Intestacy and setting out your distribution, catering for contingencies for future births or deaths.
  8. Disabled Beneficiaries Trusts can be incorporated which will not compromise their state funded assistance.
  9. Business interests, whether run by a Sole Trader, or a Partnership, or a Limited Company can be protected in a Will to deal with the issues of maintenance of the business through Probate.
  10. Organ Donation and Funeral arrangements can also be set out in your Will.

The most important aspect of a Will is that it is personal to YOU, and you are entitled to say whatever you want in it. Our job is to ensure that it complies with the law, and where necessary, is binding to what you intend should happen in any given circumstances.

For more information please contact us regarding writing your will.

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